Sunday, September 24, 2017

A List of 19+ recommendation.

Hello, girls and boys~

Since.. I counted JiHoon's 19+ recordings of Soundgasm as 84, I thought it will be hard to some new fans to follow all of it.

So, I made a list for BEST 15.
But, I gotta say this.. JiHoon's stuff are ALL amazing. It was really hard to narrow it down to 15.
ALSO, it's totally based on MY taste.
(I don't really like anything about stalkers or psychopaths. Too real with JiHoon's acting)

If you are new~ this list will give you where to start~
The numbers only indicates the older post.
Too lazy to link to just... go and find it..? LOL

1.  "S남자와 원나잇" (one night stand with a dominant stranger)
    -The concept is just like the title. Eng sub is on this blog. It was my favorite for long time
2. "여자친구와 하드한 SM플레이 하기" (hard SM play with a girlfriend)
    - If you like to hear Jihoon's submissive moaning~ it's the BEST. If you want to have Eng sub, I have Eng sub on this blog for another video that JiHoon acts as a submissive boyfriend. On the Soundgasm it is "S여자친구 M남자친구"

3. "아침부터 후끈후끈한 두 사람" (In the morning)
  -It's sweet and hot. It was on the Youtube channel that shut down a couple of days ago. the Eng sub is on this blog.

4. "첫 경험하는 여자친구 리드하는 남자친구" (Boyfriend leads a girlfriend who has sex at the first time)
   - It's realllllly sweet. I was fantasizing about this as MY first time~ (well.. It's too It was on the Youtube channel. No Eng sub yet.

5. "공원 야외에서 노예와 하드 SM플레이" (Hard SM play with a slave at a park)
  - It's harsh. I listen it sometimes when I want to have rough feeling. No Eng sub. never will be from me..:P

6. "어른들의 장난감을 가지고 여친을 조교하는 남자" (A guy discipline his girlfriend with adult toys)
  - It was on the Youtube. Forgot what was the title on there, though.. I listen it when I want a feeling of being teased.  After the guy put a toy in her, they walk around outside a bit. DARN..

7. "바람난 여친 빡친 남친 part 2" (Cheating GF, Pissed off BF, part 2)
  -It's another rough sex. Part 1 is about the BF found out his GF is cheating on him. Part 2 is the BF is punishing GF and breaking up with her. You can listen part 1 on JiHoon's main channel.

8. "신혼부부의 달달한 관계" (the First night of newlyweds)
 -SWEET. Sooo sweet sex~ You might already know it cuz It was on the Youtube. Eng sub is on this blog.

9. "리얼 사운드" (Real sound with with a boyfriend in a bed)
 - ALL TIME FAVORITE~!! It was the top on Youtube every time he made the new 19+ channel. ...I gotta make Japanese sub for this..

10. "바람난 여친이 돌아왔다" (a Cheated GF came back)
 - It's a little rough, too. The boyfriend orders and make the GF feel ashamed.

11. "순둥이 인줄 알았던 남자친구가 사실은?" (My gentle boyfriend is actually..?)
 - It was on Youtube under the title of "Is it a nerdy boyfriend actually?". the Eng sub is on this blog. A gentle boyfriend became pretty harsh in a bed~

12. "에너자이저 남자친구" (Energizer boyfriend)
 - It was on Youtube under... I forgot the tile. But it should had "Energizer" in it~! It's one of few videos that a boyfriend do more than once. Eng translation is on this blog.

13. " cafe" 
 - JiHoon started to upload with an eng title to avoid bugs. and this is "having sex in a room cafe". In Korea, there is a cafe that.. set each booth as a room~ This recording is soooo good.

14. "fucking my friend in the karaoke room"
-Just like the title. Well.. it's just a sex, but JiHoon used an echo mic to make it more real. DARN~!!!

15. "Best sexual harmony GF"
 - It's about having sex with a GF who's so great match with the BF in bed. I wish to meet someone like this.. great match in bed..

Beside the list, my another favorite is "First time sm play for a boyfriend"
It's legendary~!!! but It's not on the Soundgasm. :(
Oh, wait.. I have it on my blog~!
At that time, JiHoon was struggling with Soundgasm so I was allowed to upload his 19+ recordings.

OK, then~ new comers~
Welcome to JiHoon's 19+~ (evil smile~)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Umm... my 19+ sub is on hold..

Hello, girls and boys~

I was finalizing my 19+ sub for "First SM play for a boyfriend"
It's been kindda hard cuz I couldn't come up with right words for his expressions.
( I'm still struggling.. still haven't finished..:( )

Then, the 19+ channel got shut down.
and I thought.. "OK, then, I will finish it as a txt file and upload with the Soundgasm link"

So, I was checking his Soundgasm.. (He has like 84 contents on there~!)
And I found out he didn't upload that one. I'm sure he just forgot about it.

The sub is not finished anyway.
I have to let JiHoon know that he forgot. And wait till he uploads it~
So, the sub is on hold.

Sorry, guys.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The 19+ Youtube channel is about to shut down again.

Hello, girls and boys~

You guys already know about JiHoon's 19+ channel named "Jihoon Kim"
Have you ever wonder why his new videos were not been uploaded these days?

His 19+ channel "Jihoon Kim" got 2 warnings from Youtube now.
That means he cannot upload anything for 3 months.
He said it last night on the live-streaming and I was "Oh. That was why."

He clarified before that THIS youtube channel will be his last try for his 19+ contents.
FYI to new-comers, he had about 10 channels for his 19+ on Youtube.
and ALL of them got shut down.
So, I don't think THIS channel will survive.
Well.. actually, considering some previous channels got shut down in 3 days,
this channel survived pretty long comparing to

For the new comers~ Here is general info about JiHoon.
JiHoon's live-streaming starts at 10 pm Korean time almost everyday like a clock at
It ends whenever JiHoon wants, but usually he finishes about midnight, these days.

JiHoon's 19+ live-streaming starts whenever JiHoon wants during the usual live-streaming, at
"지훈겜튜브 Gametube"
Whenever he says "Let's move to Gametube" that usually means he's about to record 19+

JiHoon's non-19+ goes up to his main channel "지훈 asmr"
But, his 19+ goes up to

If you have any questions, suggestions, You can e-mail me to
My another 19+ sub will be posted in a couple of days~


Friday, September 15, 2017

17/09/16 19+ Eng sub "First night of newlyweds"

Hello, girls and boys~

Yap~! Here it is again~
Three 19+ subs in 10 days? it's gotta be on the
Well.. after I listened a couple of legendary recordings on soundgasm, I kindda wanted to do it more. :P

The sub is for "First night of newlyweds"  This one is so sweet and all.
Here is a link of the video in Youtube.
**The Youtube channel is SHUT DOWN. I'm linking to Soundgasm's**

And here is a link for the sub.
first night of newlywed_sub
first night of newlywed_ txt
** I redirected the link to Google Drive from Dropbox. If you guys have problems, let me know on the comment ** 
**Also, seems like there is a problem to open the file for some ppl, so I uploaded and linked the txt file** 

The newest 19+ recordings of JiHoon are on
You have to wait for loading after you push "Play" button.

Have a nice weekend~

p.s: If you are a new comer, all the Eng subs I made (AND Sunny선히 as an editor for non-19+) are labeled as "English Subtitle". So you can search with the label.

Monday, September 11, 2017

17/09/11 19+ Eng sub "Is it a nerdy boyfriend actually?"

Hello, girls and boys~

I got some free time yesterday. So, I made another 19+ sub.
I like to make 19+ subs cuz it gives me.. a kindda different sensation when I translate it.

So, the title of this video "Is it a nerdy boyfriend actually?"
It supposed to be more like.. "My gentle boyfriend is actually..?"
Well.. JiHoon used a translator, so.. close enough..? lol

Here is a link for the video.
**The Youtube channel is shut down. I'm linking to Soundgasm's below**

And here is a link for the sub. (It's redirected from Dropbox to Google Drive)
nerdy boyfriend_ txt
**CAUTION~!! There are some F words in the script. The concept is a gentle BF going rough.  So if you don't like the concept, plz don't download it~**

You know the drill~

I was laughing so hard when I saw the title "Parents choking horny boyfriend"
Nobody is chocking
The title is supposed to be  " A girlfriend pops her boyfriend's cherry who wants to keep his virginity for a marriage."

I have no idea where that chocking thing came But I think it's kindda cute.
And I'm pretty sure JiHoon feels lazy even if I give him the right titles.



Sunday, September 10, 2017

Where all the readers of this blog are from.. and my wonders~

Hello, girls and boys~

I check a weekly audience flow every Monday and save the data.
Don't creeped out, please~!!  I just wanted to connect with global fans.. and know where all you guys are from. :D

I thought.. you guys might want to know it, too. So I'm sharing the info.
And plus, I have nothing to post about..:(
Here is the list of countries that ever visited my blog. non-alphabetical order

United State     South Korea        Singapore     Germany
Israel              United Kingdom   Mexico         Russia                
Taiwan            Brunei                Canada        Indonesia
Malaysia          Sweden              Australia       HongKong          
Turkey            Poland                Japan          Philippines          
Brazil             Spain                 Bulgaria        United Arab Emirates

Some of the countries don't visit anymore, and I might miss some countries cuz the blog only give me a date of top 10. and for now, more than 30 visits make your country in the top 10.

United States is the unbeatable top. It differs about 300 visits comparing to the 2nd.
My blog is based on U.S English, so.. I get that.
But, there are some statics that I wonder why..

1. 2nd most visited country is 'South Korea'??
Since I opened this blog.. I'v been wondering this question the most.
How come "South Korea" is the 2nd most visited country all the time??
Korean fans~! You guys can listen JiHoon's streaming and join the kakao group chatroom and
Why do you guys need to come this blog??
Please don't get me wrong.. I LOVE having you guys here, I just wonder why~

2. What happened to Poland??
Poland view count was 50 about for 5 weeks. And, from 8/7~8/14 it even counted 274.
Then, you guys are gone from top 10 for last 2 weeks..
What happened to you guys??? Where are you guys at??

If you guys can answer for these questions, plz do.
I really


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

17/09/06 19+ Eng sub "Real Sound with a Boyfriend in a Bed"

Hey, guys~
I know it's been almost a month~!

Well.. here is the sub.
(It's redirected from Dropbox to Google Drive, Also I added a txt file for ppl who's having a problem to open the sub file.)

"Real Sound with a Boyfriend in a Bed" is one of the most popular 19+ of JiHoon.
I submitted this sub on his Youtube but I haven't tell JiHoon about it, yet.
So, it might not be published at all.. lol

sbv file extension is new to me, too. (My subs that shared in this blog so far was smi files)
That's only file that Youtube let me download as.. with the sync.
But, it should work just fine.

If you want to watch it together,
Go to his Youtube channel to..
Download the video (There are tons of ways to download videos from Youtube if you search on Google)
and rename the sub as the exact same name with the video file.
and play it in any player you have, it should work.
**The Youtube channel got SHUT DOWN. I'm linking to Soundgasm's below~**

If you want to only read the translation, just open the sub file on the Notepad program.

If there are any flaws (I'm sure there is)
..umm.. I'm sorry? That's best I could do.. lol


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sorry.. too busy to post.. :(

Sorry, everyone..

I'm pretty busy these days cuz the semester started.
So, haven't posted anything.  I EVEN missed JiHoon's streaming~!!!

Well.. but I'm working on 19+ trans little by little.
There is JiHoon's 19+ Youtube channel now. It hasn't been detected yet.
So~ I'm making a sub in there~ and I'm gonna bring the file in here~

I'm working on the famous "Real sound".
will be finished by this weekend, I hope.

I see some viewers from new countries.
Welcome to my fan blog~!
and if you start to listen JiHoon's stuff~ Welcome to the lion's pit,


Sunday, August 27, 2017

Pet names~

Hello, girls and boys~

Korean fans use pet names.
I found it will be fun to share it with international fans
and You guys might think it's cute.. lol

1. JiHoon's pet name.
We fans call JiHoon either "oppa" "Junny" but mostly "Sa-Jang-Nim (a Boss)"
Its exact meaning is an owner of a business.
When JeaHoon (JiHoon's younger brother) was broadcasting instead of JiHoon at the first time like.. back to April or May,
JiHoon was being bossy and ordering JeaHoon to get more
That's why JiHoon is called as "Sa-Jang-Nim" now.

2. Fan's pet name.
We call ourselves as "Gung-Nyeo" (a court lady)
It refers women who lived in a loyal palace to serve the King and loyals in ancient Korea.

We have a pet name for fans who donate really big, too.
There are some fans who donate an amount.. that some cannot even imagine.
We call them "Dea-Ju-Ju-Nim" (a major shareholder)

3. JeaHoon's pet name.
JeaHoon has a pet name, too.  It's "Ae-Gi-Nim" or "Ae-Gi Oppa"
AeGi means "a baby". JeaHoon was being so cute on the first time streaming, .
Nim is something to put when you want to call someone respectfully.
Oppa means.. you know.. The word that used when a female call an older male.

4. JiHoon's cousin's pet name
She was shown in live-streaming at July and teased JiHoon in a way that we fans dare to even think of.
We had lots of fun and liked her a lot. so we made the pet name "Gong-Ju-Nim"(a princess)
It's because she IS a princess if JiHoon is the King,
And, she said "My mom call that too, but as the meaning of 'a crazy mouth' "
('Gong-Ju' can be shorten of "a crazy mouth" 공포의 주둥아리 )


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Live streaming rules~!

Hallo, girls and boys~!

These days, after JiHoon re-opened his main channel~
I see lots of foreign fans who come in to the streaming and chat.

But, there are some rules in JiHoon's live-streaming. So, please keep it in your mind~:D
ALL rules are made by JiHoon, not fans.

RULE 1. No chatting about a personal life.  
The line is thin. But it's something like.. "I'm 23 years old, how old are you?"
"I went to a mall today, and I had nothing to wear.. I'm sad."
That kind of chatting could interfere his streaming.
If it's related to your sexual life or the topic JiHoon brought up, that's fine.

RULE 2. No Colluding among fans themselves.
You guys would feel hard on this rule cuz JiHoon cannot understand English, so.. you will feel left alone.
But, the basic rule is.. Being friends in SNS, Contacting personally, Gathering off-line, Chatting to a particular person alone in the streaming.. are all prohibited.

The reason is.. if old fans are so close to each other, they might talk about something that only they know in the streaming.. It's hard for new fans to adjust.
Also, considering how well Koreans can make their own exclusive groups,
if fans become close to each other, there will be groups formed and conflicts will start..
That will be the start of a disaster.

In live-streaming chatting, think like this.. Imagine you are sitting with JiHoon and fans.
It's OK to talk to JiHoon and agree to other fans once a while, but You shouldn't turned your back and talk with fans.

RULE 3. No trolling or red herring
There is not an exact word for this rule in English. The closest I could think of was 'trolling' or 'red herring'.
Even unintentionally, if you lead or make the wave about a specific topic, statement or request..  JiHoon hates it the most.

And at the last.. it's not exactly a rule..
but please do not ask about JiHoon's personal info like his age, height..
He did mention about where he lives (in Seoul) but he won't disclose those personal info.
and we fans are kindda tired to hear those questions from new fans now~

This blog is.. on the thin line of Rule 3. I'm aware of
I hope I'm just ON the line, not OVER the


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hallo~ recent news about JiHoon.

Hello, girls and boys~

Well.. since I'm not doing any sub work, my blog became frozen unintentionally.
I didn't realize till now that.. I didn't post anything but about subs or his channels got brown
My blog doesn't really have identity.  So, I thought it's better to go back as a pure fan blog.. blabing about some interesting things going on in live-streaming..

1. His main channel re-opened~!
Aug, 15th. his main channel was released from 3 month suspension.
By pure coincident.. Aug, 15th is a national holiday - Korean Independent
I saw some foreign fans coming and going, now.. Hallo~ guys~!!!

2. Wow.. his viewer in live-streaming.. Boomed Up~!
He did hit 700 viewers once or twice when he was doing 19+ recording.. waaaay back~ before the whole Youtube disaster.
For a couple of month, the steady viewer count was usually about 130~150. And when he recorded 19+, the count went up about 300 or so.

He kept that count till the main channel re-opened.
Now... It's been about a week.. and his steady viewer is 500~700. DARN~!!!!
A couple of days ago, JiHoon even hit 960 for the count.. I thought he will reach to 1000 viewers at that time..!!! (It was really close~!)
He wasn't even recording 19+~!! It was just QnA radio-style~!!

3. What a bxxch. (Sorry for the language)
You guys know there are someone who's doing all that bxxchy thing like reporting his 19+ channels and so..
And one of the bxxches try to play JiHoon against to another male-ASMRer.
The funny thing is.. that poor thing tried to say that with donations to be
Thanks for the donation~!

And there was another bxxch (or the same one) try to threaten JiHoon saying s/he reported him to major newspaper publisher for woman-hating and vulgarity.
..Woman-hating..?  ..Really..?  ..Are you freaking serious..??
YOU ARE the one who hates women indirectly saying we don't have rights to enjoy.
Your kind of ppl is the one who tried to cut off woman's clits saying you make them innocent.
Anyway.. that repulsive soul also donated about $5 to say that repeatedly.. lol
What a pathetic attention whxxe. (sorry for the language again)

4. JiHoon is doing really well.
There are 500~700 viewers, now.
The stress to control the viewers gets higher.. So.. I was a little worried about him going off.
He has this temper that old fans call "Dark Junny".
I was little bit nervous new fans wouldn't stand the Dark Junny..
But, it seems like.. JiHoon IS changed..
He's very calm, sweet, persuasive and sexy, now.. even on the time that I thought he would go off.
Wow.. I'm purely surprised.  Like he said before, we did change him.

5. There was a guy fan chatting on JiHoon's streaming
Not sure if the fan is really a man. But, he was chatting on the first day of the main channel release.
He was kindda cute saying "You made my sexuality confused."
and He asked JiHoon on the chat, "Would you consider to go bottom by any chance?"
And JiHoon answered, "Nope. This bro is always on the top."

If there are some other interesting things going on~ I will share with you guys, again~
For the ones who cannot come in to the live-streaming or cannot understand Korean~
Peace and Love~!

A List of 19+ recommendation.

Hello, girls and boys~ Since.. I counted JiHoon's 19+ recordings of Soundgasm as 84, I thought it will be hard to some new fans to fol...